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Food Therapy for a Successful Pregnancy

Course Title: Food Therapy for A Successful Pregnancy

Instructor: Zoey Gong

Target Audience: TCM and acupuncture practitioners and students that have at least completed 2 years of training on a TCM or acupuncture course.

Number of classes: 4

Duration (total hours): 8.5hr

Language: English



This is a comprehensive course on food therapy for pregnancy, taught by food therapist and TCM chef Zoey Gong. You will learn TCM food therapy as well as biomedical nutrition to support the entire pregnancy, from expecting, to the three trimesters, to postpartum. IVF and abortion will be discussed as well. You can expect to learn at least 30 concrete recipes, numerous foods and herbs specifically for a successful pregnancy. 



Class 1: Expecting (2.5hr)

-Fertility in TCM and biomedicine

-Foods and recipes to support fertility for both men and women

-Optimizing menstruation 

-Important nutrients for expecting women

-Things to note for IVF


Class 2: Pregnancy (2.5hr)

-Essential nutrients and healthy weight gain for pregnant women

-Food therapy for each trimester

-Pregnancy complications and solutions: morning sickness, constipation, abdominal pain, edema, anemia, coughing, acid reflux, heat, gestational diabetes, skin rash, and red flag symptoms


Class 3: Postpartum + Abortion Food Therapy  (2.5hr)

-Culture and history of Zuo Yue Zi 

-Constitutional regimen 

-Common postpartum conditions: bleeding, discharge, constipation, edema, fever,

joint pain, difficult urination, depression, migraine, low breast milk production 

-4 weeks after abortion


Class 4: Conclusion, Q&A, homework presentation (1hr)


Food Therapy for a Successful Pregnancy

Zoey Gong


4 classes (8.5 hours)​


course recordings

slides pdf



About the Instructor:

Zoey Gong is a Traditional Chinese Medicine chef and nutritionist.

Born in Shanghai, China, she now lives in New York City, where she hosts pop-up medicinal dinners and collaborates with various brands to teach the wisdom of medicinal cooking. She has a B.S. in nutrition and a B.S. in public health from New York University. She is also the founder of Five Seasons TCM, a boutique wellness brand that shares and modernizes the knowledge of TraditionalChinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy through educational content, functional products and its avant-garde aesthetic. 

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