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Emotional Trauma: 8 Extraordinary Vessels and their Impact on Behaviour


Course: Emotional Trauma - 8 Extraordinary Vessels and their Impact on Behaviour

Instructor: Sohial Farzam

Number of classes: 1

Duration: 1 hour

Language: English

Typology: recorded online course

Included: access to the class recording


Sohial Farzam explores the miraculous gift of the 8 Extraordinary vessels and how these powerful energetic blueprints affect behaviour and shape our personality. We have been likely told not to use these ‘channels’ too much in clinical work as they are the ‘reserves’ of the body. In fact, in many institutions of teaching, there is very little coverage on these powerful vessels. When a person experiences or is suffering long term emotional trauma, then wouldn’t it make sense to use these particular vessels BECAUSE they are the reservoirs of energy in the body? Doesn’t a person in suffering need to tap into their reserves because their day to day (primary) channels have been overwhelmed? In this webinar, Sohial provides a powerful introduction and foundation of the history and development of these 8 extraordinary vessels and how they specifically shape human behaviour and hold the imprint of emotional trauma.This is an introductory class for the course Transcending Trauma: The Road to Emotional Empowerment

About Sohial Farzam:

Sohial Farzam is a well-known Emotional well-being Acupuncturist in Australia where he practices for more than 20 years. He integrates the studies of psychology, human behavior, neuroscience, quantum physics, and philosophy into TCM concepts to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche. He currently presents many seminars on psychological conditions around the world and is the founder of the International Integrative Mental Health Conference. He was also a long-term lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Australia for approximately 14 years. 


Emotional Trauma: The 8 Extraordinary Vessels and their Impact on Behaviour

Sohial Farzam


1 class (1 hour)


class recording​


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