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Transcending Trauma: The Road to Emotional Empowerment


Course: Transcending Trauma - The Road to Emotional Empowerment

Instructor: Sohial Farzam

Number of classes: 4

Duration: 12 hours

Language: English

Typology: recorded online course

Included: access to the class recording + slides pdf


- Evolution of consciousness and the universe

- Hierarchy of human values and the drive for fulfillment

- Laws and prerequisites of a healer according to TCM

- Classic texts on emotional mastery and living at the level of the soul

- Brain in TCM and its response to change and quantum healing

- Science of pain and emotional trauma and its impact on the body

- Miraculous life-changing powers of the 8 extraordinary channels

- Yin and yang of organs and how they determine personality traits

- Stress, anxiety, depression, bi-polar, grief, PTSD (TCM/Western models)

- Psycho-emotional and metaphysical causes of the most commonly occurring diseases

- Psycho-spiritual functions of 50 most commonly used acupuncture points for emotional empowerment

- Handling client transformations and negative emotional reactions to treatment, tools to help clients help themselves, nutritional and supplementation for higher consciousness, needling techniques, herbs, case studies

About Sohial Farzam:

Sohial Farzam is a well-known Emotional well-being Acupuncturist in Australia where he practices for more than 20 years. He integrates the studies of psychology, human behavior, neuroscience, quantum physics, and philosophy into TCM concepts to fully understand the dynamics of the psyche. He currently presents many seminars on psychological conditions around the world and is the founder of the International Integrative Mental Health Conference. He was also a long-term lecturer at the Endeavour College of Natural Health in Australia for approximately 14 years. 


Transcending Trauma: The Road to Emotional Empowerment

Sohial Farzam


4 class (12 hours)


class recording​

slides pdf


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