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Qigong for Longevity
Yang Sheng Gong of  the Wudang Pure Yang Lineage

Course: Yang Sheng Gong of the Wudang Pure Yang lineage - Qi Gong for Longevity

Instructor: LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng

Number of classes: 8 (12 hours total)

Language: English

Typology: recorded online course

Included: access to the course recordings + pdf slides


Transmitted within the Pure Yang lineage of the Wudang mountains, Yang Sheng Gong is a traditional Daoist longevity practice made of movements aligned with specific breathing methods. It is designed to improve and restore health, dredge the meridians, remove disease, prolong life, replenish original qi and increase the power of the immune system by strengthening the connective tissues, tendons and joints, and by increasing the flow of qi and blood. Divided into three sections of nine movements and standing postures each, it is a vital and treasured practice for everyone.



This course will unfold progressively over the course of 8 classes, with one class of an hour and a half per week. Every class will build upon the movements learned in the previous class, so that by the end of the course students will have integrated the complete practice of Yang Sheng Gong.


LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng is a teacher of Daoist healing arts and a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She studied and practiced at the Five Immortals Temple, Wudang, China, for over a decade and was trained as a teacher, healer and martial artist in the traditional manner of apprenticeship by its abbot, the Daoist renunciate Master Li (Li Shifu). Bridging East and West, she dedicates her life to the transmission of traditional Daoist arts and to the practice of Chinese medicine. 

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Qigong for Longevity

Wudang Pure Yang Lineage

LoAn 誠鳳 Cheng Feng


8 classes (12 hours)​


course recordings

slides pdf


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